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The Barrio Logan Maintenance Assessment District

The Urban Corps of San Diego County, a non-profit conservation corps and charter school, is the District Administrator for the Barrio Logan Maintenance Assessment District (MAD). The MAD is managed by the City of San Diego and was established by Resolution R-307889 of the City Council on November 27, 2012. The District was formed in compliance with the provisions of Proposition 218.


Access the Barrio Logan MAD Engineers Report here.


District Services include:



We are always open to suggestions to better meet the needs of the Barrio Logan community! Please contact Marissa Cassani at (619) 235-6884 or via email at to request maintenance services.




Urban Corps of San Diego County provides young adults ages 18-25 with on-the-job skills training and a second chance to earn a high school diploma. Maintenance service work in the Barrio Logan MAD is helping San Diego youth overcome their barriers to success and engage in positive community service work while they improve their own lives through job training, education and life skills development.

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