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The Barrio Logan Association (BLA) currently serves as the advisory committee for the Barrio Logan Maintenance Assessment District (BL MAD).  Meetings to discuss services that are being provided in your neighborhood and all matters pertaining to the BL MAD are open to the public and are held the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 5:00 P.M. at Estrella Del Mercado Apartments located at 1985 National Avenue San Diego, CA 92113. 




Hector Villegas - President

Josephine S. Talamantez - Vice-President

Ernie Salgado - Treasurer

Kenny Soreano - Secretary

Miguel Alatorre - Board Member

Brad Bittner - Board Member

Glenna Gasper - Board Member

Kimberly Powell - Board Member

Mark Steele - Board Member

Chris Zertuche - Board Member

The mission of the Barrio Logan Association is to operate the Barrio Logan Maintenance Assessment District to revitalize the community through beautification of public areas, promotion of public safety, organization of educational and cultural events, and stimulation of community improvement.






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