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Do You Know Barrio Logan’s MAD?

Barrio Logan is one of San Diego’s most culturally rich neighborhoods and can boast a history of activism, buildings dating from the 19th century, a thriving arts scene, historical landmarks like Chicano Park, a tight knit community, and much more.

Change has always been a constant in Barrio Logan from its days as a warehouse hub, to new zoning laws, the foundation of Chicano Park, and most recently, new developments and businesses coming to the neighborhood.

One of the most welcome changes in the neighborhood is the sight of several people working to clean up and beautify the Barrio. But who are these people keeping urban blight off the streets?

Since November of 2012, the Barrio Logan Maintenance Assessment District (MAD), has been at the forefront of efforts to keep Barrio Logan clean and beautiful through litter removal, power washing of sidewalks, graffiti removal, improving signage, updating lighting, adding trash receptacles, and branding Barrio Logan throughout the designated neighborhood boundaries.

These services are carried out on a weekly basis by members of Urban Corps, a local nonprofit focused on job training and education, which acts as the district administrator of the Barrio Logan MAD.

Every week, from Monday through Friday, Urban Corpsmembers coordinated by the Barrio Logan MAD help keep Barrio Logan looking great for residents and visitors alike.


— Mario A. Cortez , La Prensa

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